🎉🎭 Celebrate Carnival Time at Daniel’s Mall! 🎭🎉

The season of color, joy, and exuberant spirit is here, and at Daniel’s Mall, we’re set to make your Carnival experience unforgettable! As the calendar turns to this festive time, we’re rolling out the red carpet for a celebration like no other. Embrace the vibrant spirit of Carnival with us and turn this season into an extraordinary adventure.

🌟 Join the Festive Fun in Three Easy Steps:

1. Dress to Impress: Step into Daniel’s Mall decked out in your most dazzling Carnival attire. From feathers to sequins, masks to capes, let the aisles of Daniel’s Mall be your runway. Capture the essence of your unique costume and the joy it brings.

2. Snap & Send: Once you’ve captured that perfect moment, send your festive photo to us via WhatsApp at 99 000 105. Every snapshot tells a story, and we’re eager to see yours. This is your chance to showcase how you celebrate, so hold nothing back!

3. Showcase Your Style: Mark your calendars for February 14th. Every photo sent to us will be proudly displayed on Daniel’s Mall Facebook page. This is your moment to shine on our digital stage, where friends, family, and the whole community can admire and like your Carnival creation.

🏆 Win Big with Your Creativity:

The excitement doesn’t stop there! The top three photos that capture hearts and gather the most likes by Monday, February 19th, at midday will each be rewarded with a fabulous prize. Winners will receive €100 worth of shopping vouchers to indulge in a spree at Daniel’s Mall. Imagine the possibilities with €100 to spend on your favorite brands, products, and experiences.

🎈 Let Your Imagination Soar:

This Carnival, we’re not just celebrating the season; we’re celebrating you and the incredible creativity you bring. Whether you’re a longtime Carnival enthusiast or this is your first foray into the festivity, let your imagination run wild, dazzle us with your costumes, and let the community’s likes crown the champions.

👍 Ready, Set, Celebrate!

Start planning your Carnival masterpiece now. We’re thrilled at the prospect of seeing your costumes and the stories they tell. Like, share, and spread the word about your participation in the Daniel’s Mall Carnival celebration.

🌈 Let the Carnival festivities begin at Daniel’s Mall!

We can’t wait to see your creations. Whether it’s through the lens of tradition, innovation, or pure fantasy, your participation is what makes this event special. So, let’s kick off the celebrations, embrace the Carnival spirit, and make this year’s festivities at Daniel’s Mall the most memorable yet!

Connect with Us:

Terms and Conditions for Carnival Photo Contest

To ensure the integrity and enjoyment of our Carnival photo contest at Daniel’s Mall, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the following terms and conditions:

1.Photo Submission Quality: We seek to showcase the authentic beauty of your Carnival costumes. Therefore, we require all submitted photos to be in their raw, unedited form. Photos enhanced or altered with digital filters will not be eligible for the contest. Let the natural vibrancy of your costume speak for itself!

2.Community Respect: Our Facebook page is a space for positivity, celebration, and shared joy. Participants or followers posting negative or derogatory comments will be subject to removal from the competition and may be banned from our page. We encourage a supportive and respectful community environment where everyone can enjoy the spirit of Carnival.

3.Support and Assistance: Should you encounter any issues or if you have questions regarding the contest, we’re here to help. Please reach out by sending a private message through our Facebook page or contact our customer care team directly. We’re committed to providing assistance and ensuring a smooth and enjoyable contest experience for everyone.

By participating in the Daniel’s Mall Carnival photo contest, you agree to these terms, fostering a fun, fair, and respectful competition. Let’s make this Carnival celebration a memorable one for all involved, filled with creativity, joy, and community spirit.